Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seems Like a Life time.

ok so when I first started my blog, I was like ya I can do this no big deal every Sunday night sit down, and write about the happenings of the week.... Well I give my self a Big Fat Fail.......
Here's to trying again!

Last Week:

Monday -  Picked up Vic from Gymnastics, and went home ate dinner. Took Victoria to dance practice. Tuesday - Braden had a combined activity for Mutual and they played dodge ball. (I'm sure he had a blast with that)
I went to school. and study/reviewed for tests on Thursday. After a Long day at work and school I went home to sit my behind on the couch, and watch a movie with the kiddos. We watched Fox and the Hound.... YAY I love watching the same movies with my kids that I loved when I was a kid!
Wednesday - Work, work, and more work. Bought some cute jewelry at a Paparazzi party that Cortney (Victoria's Mother) was hosting that I am excited about.  And fit in some Zumba for a much needed endorphin releasing session.  Then went home and STUDIED like crazy.
Thursday - Victoria had her science fair at school.  She worked really hard on it with Braden, and did the whole thing all by herself.  I feel pretty stupid when it comes that that girly :)  I've never used a sauter before and she was apparently a pro.  I went to school took my two tests which I'm really excited to say I got 100% on both my Medical Terminology test on the Musculoskeletal System, and my General Microbiology class which the test was on 4 different chapters which involved all sorts of tiny microscopic things. PHEW glad thats over.  ( I know if anyone reading this and is an actual real hard core college student, your thinking something like "Wow she has it real hard NOT!"  Well to all of you, your right, I'm super excited over a splash when your playing in the waves.)  Of course another hard core Zumba session.
Friday - Stayed home with the kids. (my favorite day) and cleaned the house etc.  Then it was off to my second week of a new job I started, at an assisted living facility.  I'm loving it already.  I work in a Dementia/Alzheimer's unit, and those old people make me smile :)  Braden had a scout camp out friday night and took Titan with him, so I had the neighbor girl who goes to church every week with us, come watch the Bridget and Bryken.  When I got off work at 9pm Titan was really wanting to come home so I went and picked him up, and realized he was pretty feverish.... So the rest of friday night was spent with him in my bed with = not much sleep.
Saturday: Victoria had a dance competition which I didn't make it to because of Titans fever which had reach 105.8 by the morning.  I took him to that doctor they tested for the influenza virus which came up negative so they sent him home saying he has a virus, we don't know what just watch him close.  So that is what we did.  Learned that my Cousin Britten, who is serving a mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil was in a terrible accident on friday.  He was hit by a bus, which resulted in severe brain trauma.  Britten has always been my twinner,  Our names our really close, our birthdays are totally interchangeable ;)  May 12th is his, May 21 is mine.  And I'm still trying to comprehend him being so hurt.
So grateful for families and eternal life, and the love that the lord has for us all.
Sunday:  Learned that some very good family friends, son was killed in a car accident Saturday night, which was really hard news.  Eventually Titan's fever started to go down, and stay down Sunday night, which was good!

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  1. Britt, I think you're pretty amazing! And your kiddos are all so stinking cute!!