Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First New Years Resolution....  Keep up on my blog
Other than that I am justing going to try each day to be a better wife, mother, and friend!
So the year of 2010 has come and gone, and I decided to look back on the events & highlights of the year:

1. Lots and Lots of doctors appointments leading up to the birth of our baby boy!
Bryken.  He has filled our home with his HAPPY HAPPY spirit!

2. Going to Supercross is SLC!  I was super pregnant and I seriously thought I was going to go into labor with all the Walking, walking walking we were doing but I was fine with it!  We took Titan, Victoria, and two of our nephews Chance, & Jaxon.  It ended up snowing and raining, and it was freezing Cold.... But non the less it was so much fun!  @ 11:00 we ended up stopping at Denny's to eat dinner before the long drive home, and we got to see one of the racers there.  so that was pretty neat too.

3. Going to the Michael Buble Concert in SLC!  Loved this so so so so much,  He is my favorite singer so watching him live was great!!  Such an amazing entertainer.  Plus every time were in UTAH we have to eat at Tepanyaki which if you know me. I am in love with food! so that was great.

4. Braden & I celebrated our 6th Anniversary!!! WOW  I know this is crazy.  We really didn't do much but.......  the important thing is that we are In love, Happy, and Healthy!

5.Camping,  I can't leave this out we always have so much fun on memorial & labor day weekends camping, and I think we even fit in a few weekend camping trips with just us too!  Titan loves getting to ride his motorbike, so any moment he has the opportunity, he is doing that!  This year for memorial was different than previous years, because the entire Killian Family ( my mother-in-laws family) got together so we had a big crowd, and there was a lot of kids running around!  It was Great!

6.  Our Children are Growing!!  Victoria Turned 8 this year and was baptized!  Now no one is aware of this but with the invitations, I accidentally got her name wrong the first time, so after I got all the invites printed, well I had to redo all of them!  Incidentally it just proves yet again how incredibly filled my mind is!  (I'm being too nice on myself, really I'm just loosing my mind)  For her 8th birthday I took her and 4 of my nieces to Idaho Falls, we had dinner, went to a hotel and they swam all night!,  and then we went skating the next morning.  I hope it is a year she will cherish and remember!

7. Braden and I took a little trip in October to Park City, It was great to get away with Just Bryken!  We did some shopping and relaxing and of course we ate at Tepanyaki!

8.  Christmas was great this year!  Chris & Shawnie my brother and sister in law had us over for dinner on christmas eve.  Of Course Santa stopped by our place also, and brought way too many presents for the kids!!!  Also I think we over did it alittle bit too!  Then on christmas morning we did the annual Brigg's breakfast at Dave & Jeanie's!!  They spoiled the kids, and gave me a antiqued picture of the Idaho Falls Temple, and a whole packet of Family Home Evening Activities and Lessons!!  I am ever grateful for the time and love she puts into making Christmas special.  We went to Challis a  day after christmas to be with my mom's side of the family the Schenk's.  It was so much fun we stayed up till Wee hours of the night playing games with the cousins and Aunts....  and we went sledding on a really really fun sledding hill, ate great food, and really enjoyed one anothers company, then we got even more spoiled by my parents with great christmas gifts!  

Isn't it so fitting that Christmas comes at the end of the year, when our spirits have been renewed?  We spend alot more QUALITY time with our family which to me is simply the most important thing we can to do become happier families, and individuals.  The Result is that when the new year comes we have a renewed sense of what is important in life, and can make goals, to life better each year!  I hope that I can always keep the spirit of christmas in my year, and in my deeds throughout the year!!!  

I am soo  looking forward to a new year though, to make, many more great memories with my family!