Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Desperately waiting for November

I was recommended by my aunt Karen to read the book:  Tiger's Curse.  It took me a very long time to actually heed her advise, because I just didn't really think the title sounding very intriguing.  Well We had a girls weekend in Utah a couple weekends ago, and thats when it happened.  I got on my beloved Ipad used the ibooks App, and bought Tiger's Curse.  But I only read the first few pages while there in Utah because I had many fun things going on around me.  Let me just say it was an extremely eventful weekend!!!  I was thoroughly entertained the whole time!  We did crafts, we ate DELICIOUS food, of which made me gain about 5 - 10 lbs I'm certain.  We visited we each other, sang happy birthday to my grandma who just turned 75. We did Zumba, which was my very first time!  I thoroughly enjoyed it but next time, I'd have to be sure to wear better clothing, ( I was perspiring madly!).  We also watched a couple of movies, well actually I was a little stubborn and decided not to participate in the moving watching because it was late, and the movies I was pretty sure I would fall asleep through.  So when the weekend commenced, and I was finally ready to go home, I laid down at night, and pursued my usual routine of grabbing my Ipad reading my scriptures, and I finished Moroni! YEAH I'm done reading the BOM it took me a few months but it was a great accomplishment, and I feel like my brain grew at least double its size, by obtaining the knowledge within that sacred book.  I am so blessed.  So back to my night I had just finished the BOM, and then I decided I could now start reading a fiction, preferably romantic, exotic, action filled book.  I was cyphering through the books, that I had recently been told were good, but I have to be honest I haven't found too many books Lately that I can really be passionate about reading.  Well I decided to pick up where I left off with the Tiger's Curse knowing that my aunt really did have great taste in books, and she has a passion for reading to match my own.  So I dug into the book.  It was a saturday night, and church was early the next morning so I got through the first chapter, and decided sleeping was now necessary.  Sunday morning when I woke up though the first thing I did was reach for that book.  I could hear Bryken crying in his room, and was just really really hoping Braden would go and take care of him so I could read my book!  as you can imagine, it was a breathe of fresh air, absolutely irresistible!  I was in love from the word Ren, (hahaha) I do find my self a little comical because here I am talking about a book but, I could not put the thing down.  I pried myself away though, realizing that I had really shortened my time of getting myself and four children ready for church.  Braden had been sick that day so I took all four of my kids to church, deciding that is really  where I should be regardless of a sick husband.  So I made it through church nearly unscathed.  I say nearly because I was about ready to run to my bed in tears from just trying so hard to contain my misbehaving children after they had thoroughly embarrassed there unfit mother in sacrament meeting.  I had a singing practice after church, and found myself hurriedly trying to learn the new music for our production of the ten virgins of which I will be playing an UNWISE virgin,  (my reasoning I believe for being picked for this position though is because it will REALLY help people watching to think, about not being like me and turn around there own lives. :)  Actually the lady in charge assured me that it was all random picking, before I assured her that there must have been divine intervention.  
Finally I was home, my kids were napping, and I nestled down into getting past the second chapter of my book.  I was only taken away from reading a couple more times that evening, getting dinner made, and cleaned up and getting kids off and getting for bed with our regular night routines, although I was very half heartedly just trying to rush through it to get back to my book.  I knew I would regret it the next day if I stayed up reading to late because I had to be to work my 8am the next morning but, I could not put the book down until 2:00 am I finished the book, and went to sleep.  Yes I read the entire book in 1 day.  So much for pacing myself and getting more time out of it.  But the next day at work, I could not, I mean not get any work done!  I kept thinking about how I had to read the second book.  Now a little history on this author, she had already self published both books, before a major publishing company wanted to publish for her, so they started over and the second book won't be released again until June 2011.  Well this just would not satisfy my need to continue reading the story.  So I desperately searched the internet for any possible way to read the book, I stumbled on one area were there was a 1 chapter excerpt. I read that hungrily needing more than one measly chapter.  Until there it was a FREE PDF download of the entire 2nd book Tiger's Curse.  I downloaded that puppy as fast at it would go watching the line go across my computer screen unflinching until it was done.  I had done it!  I thought it was a miracle I had found a copy of the 2nd book that doesn't come out until June 2011.  I began immediately reading the book, when I should have been working!!!  I read the first 200 pages in between phone calls, orders, helping customers, and whatever else I could do the bare minimum of.  I emailed the pdf to myself so when I got home that night (after taking the family out to eat for family home evevning at the new "The Great Bambino" restaurant (which is so delicious)) after putting kids to bed and doing our nightly routine, I showered, and leaped into bed and starting greedily reading the pages of the book, this time I did pace myself a little though, and only got through to page 430.  So the next day when I got to work, and I decided I HAD to get working and forget the book, but there is sat on my desktop just taunting me, and daring me to open it up.  Well I at last gave in when I had cleared my desk full of paper work.  I opened it up and began reading again gasping at the suspense, and weeping at all the un-fair things going on in the story!  While being interrupted the whole time, which customers, phone calls, orders, etc.  Finally getting home again i did the same things... dinner, routine, shower, leap in bed to read.  I actually left work with only 50 pages left of the 644 page book, and I was bawling my eyes out with the outcome.  I sat up immediately at about 8:45pm that night, and decided I just had to find the 3rd book, I can't wait until November 2011 when the Tiger's Voyage is released, I search for at least 2 hours looking, and looking for any sign of a pdf file.  but to no Avail ..  and here I sit..... waiting for November to get here....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vampire Baby

I have been calling Bryken my little "Edward"  because the first of his top to teeth were not in the middle :)  It was very strange for me.

This is when they say baby's teeth come in together,
Well Brykens teeth have come in a little bit strange !!
He finally got teeth @ 8 - 9 months old in this order:

He has literally gotten 6 teeth in about 2 weeks, and I feel awful because I haven't given him anything!!
No teething tablets, no ora-gel.  But he just seems so content, that I don't do anything for him.  I'm just feeling relieved for his sake, that I don't see anymore trying to come through just yet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My happy boy.

I really couldn't have asked for a better baby!
He goes with me to work everyday and he is so content to be where ever I put him. He's a great sleeper!! Bryken always smiles, At everyone no matter who you are if you look at him he will smile at you!
He's very calm! He never cries! Bryken is simply perfect and I'm so thankful to have him in my life.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Trip

Bryce was home this last month, for a couple of weeks.  So we took the Entire family which has not been together for 4 years now; and we went to Island Park!  We had a blast.

The pictures we took out in the freezing cold temperatures in about zero point two seconds so.. I think they turned out just fabulous given the circumstances :)  I'm just glad to have a picture with the 6 members of my little family.

Our extended family is growing!  although I don't really know how much bigger it will get, I do hope to get at least a few more nieces and nephews.

I love my family!  It was so good to be with Bryce.

Choices Determine the outcome.

Life is all about choices!  We each make choices every single day.  Some are more pressing than others, but ultimately they lead to different outcomes.

I have contemplated my choices more carefully lately, mostly because I understand the consequences of my choices affecting other people.
My choices affect others, and in fact many times affect the outcome of others lives!

I am speaking primarily about my children.  As a mother, and as woman, I have a responsibility and a role.  My children are the choices, that have brought me the ABSOLUTE most JOY, I could ever, or would ever experience in life.  My purpose in life, is to give my children, the love, and time that they DESERVE.  I know that the world is full of turmoil, and evil.  Many women, and men are being taken captive by being passive, and having apathy for the ways of the world.

But I just want to say with unbridled passion that I know my role.  I am truly grateful for it.

My children have been placed in my  home, where I need to love them, teach them, and protect them!  spending time with my children is the most important thing that I can do as a mother!

The choices I made in the past were all based in selfishness of what will make ME happy.  As a adolescent, I didn't care wether my choices affected others, because I was very selfish!  I was also very blinded to the truth.  I had not search the scriptures for truth.  I had not applied my life with the true course that it should have taken.

So today I will do better.  I will align my choices with what I know will ultimately bring me the greatest True Joy and happiness.  Which is not of the world.

I feel as though I need to stand up for what I believe.  In our world today, too many women are choosing the way of the world.  It breaks my heart to see the needs of children not being taken into consideration.  I am not perfect and I don't have the capability to be perfect.  I am certainly not the perfect mother either.  My children can attest to that.  But I do care that my choices, affect them.  I also care that they know that I believe in them, and that they are truly what bring me joy.  Of which I could never have known if not for them.

The best choice I have made in my entire life was made recently when I decided to stay home with my children instead of working.  To be able to teach, them and nurture them in my home.  I only wish I had come to this conclusion earlier.  But sooner is better than later.

I hope that I will be able to make better choices in my life, and realize that free agency is a gift, that I should consider each time I make a choice good or bad.

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Our Little Mommy"

She is the middle child so far, and I feel like I leave her out of my highlighting, when I'm talking about the baby(Bryken), and the beast(Titan).
Bridget is the little angel in between these two and let me just tell you she is one Tough Girl!  
On a constant basis she will talk, talk, talk.  and I love it anyone that knows her, LOVES her!  You can't help it.  I simply smile and laugh at pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth, even when I shouldn't sometimes.  At these times I'm talking about her constant flow of No's.

Bridget is very Strong willed and very confident.  There is no pushing her to do what she doesn't want to, well at least the first couple of tries.  She does in fact though realize in the end who the REAL boss is :)  

Bridget is the most nurturing and loving little girl I know.  She is always trying to help out with Bryken, bringing his blanket to him every time he is seen with out it by her!

Bridget knows her ABC's she is singing all the time, her favorite songs right now are: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I love to see the Temple, and I am a child of God.
Out of those songs she has the first and the last memorized, and she will never turn down giving us a preformance!

Bridget is Messy!  You can count on her shirt having a stain by the end of everyday because well, she is just messy.  Although she is getting better at it I think its cute, and some day she'll look back on all these pictures, and feel exactly the way I do.

Bridget doesn't have much hair.  It'll grow out eventually though I'm sure.

I am loving having a little Girlie!  And I'm so thankful for her love.  I can't wait for what the future brings in her little life!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First New Years Resolution....  Keep up on my blog
Other than that I am justing going to try each day to be a better wife, mother, and friend!
So the year of 2010 has come and gone, and I decided to look back on the events & highlights of the year:

1. Lots and Lots of doctors appointments leading up to the birth of our baby boy!
Bryken.  He has filled our home with his HAPPY HAPPY spirit!

2. Going to Supercross is SLC!  I was super pregnant and I seriously thought I was going to go into labor with all the Walking, walking walking we were doing but I was fine with it!  We took Titan, Victoria, and two of our nephews Chance, & Jaxon.  It ended up snowing and raining, and it was freezing Cold.... But non the less it was so much fun!  @ 11:00 we ended up stopping at Denny's to eat dinner before the long drive home, and we got to see one of the racers there.  so that was pretty neat too.

3. Going to the Michael Buble Concert in SLC!  Loved this so so so so much,  He is my favorite singer so watching him live was great!!  Such an amazing entertainer.  Plus every time were in UTAH we have to eat at Tepanyaki which if you know me. I am in love with food! so that was great.

4. Braden & I celebrated our 6th Anniversary!!! WOW  I know this is crazy.  We really didn't do much but.......  the important thing is that we are In love, Happy, and Healthy!

5.Camping,  I can't leave this out we always have so much fun on memorial & labor day weekends camping, and I think we even fit in a few weekend camping trips with just us too!  Titan loves getting to ride his motorbike, so any moment he has the opportunity, he is doing that!  This year for memorial was different than previous years, because the entire Killian Family ( my mother-in-laws family) got together so we had a big crowd, and there was a lot of kids running around!  It was Great!

6.  Our Children are Growing!!  Victoria Turned 8 this year and was baptized!  Now no one is aware of this but with the invitations, I accidentally got her name wrong the first time, so after I got all the invites printed, well I had to redo all of them!  Incidentally it just proves yet again how incredibly filled my mind is!  (I'm being too nice on myself, really I'm just loosing my mind)  For her 8th birthday I took her and 4 of my nieces to Idaho Falls, we had dinner, went to a hotel and they swam all night!,  and then we went skating the next morning.  I hope it is a year she will cherish and remember!

7. Braden and I took a little trip in October to Park City, It was great to get away with Just Bryken!  We did some shopping and relaxing and of course we ate at Tepanyaki!

8.  Christmas was great this year!  Chris & Shawnie my brother and sister in law had us over for dinner on christmas eve.  Of Course Santa stopped by our place also, and brought way too many presents for the kids!!!  Also I think we over did it alittle bit too!  Then on christmas morning we did the annual Brigg's breakfast at Dave & Jeanie's!!  They spoiled the kids, and gave me a antiqued picture of the Idaho Falls Temple, and a whole packet of Family Home Evening Activities and Lessons!!  I am ever grateful for the time and love she puts into making Christmas special.  We went to Challis a  day after christmas to be with my mom's side of the family the Schenk's.  It was so much fun we stayed up till Wee hours of the night playing games with the cousins and Aunts....  and we went sledding on a really really fun sledding hill, ate great food, and really enjoyed one anothers company, then we got even more spoiled by my parents with great christmas gifts!  

Isn't it so fitting that Christmas comes at the end of the year, when our spirits have been renewed?  We spend alot more QUALITY time with our family which to me is simply the most important thing we can to do become happier families, and individuals.  The Result is that when the new year comes we have a renewed sense of what is important in life, and can make goals, to life better each year!  I hope that I can always keep the spirit of christmas in my year, and in my deeds throughout the year!!!  

I am soo  looking forward to a new year though, to make, many more great memories with my family!