Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heart full of Thankfulness

Today is Titan's birthday!  He turned 4 years old.  So since we as parents are very impatient...  (Braden)  we decided to let him open his presents on Tuesday night :)  He got a warthog and Halo Guys... from the video game,  and a new Nerf gun with some Bullets... Which he loves to shoot because its AUTOMATIC... which means he doesn't have to do any pumping!  

Last Saturday we went to a couple of football games!  This is my nephew stone with his team the "Vikings"

Victoria & Titan were having fun playing a game of their own.

Bridget and Daddy just waiting in the car.

For Titans birthday we went to Rexburg, and ate some food, with a few cousins, and played at the park!

Just this past week at work

Titan's Cousin Cole, has a hat just like this so he BEGGED his dad to get it for him at sportsmans.

They really are the best of friends (most of the time)

He got this IRONMAN costume for his birthday! and he loves it.

Over all it really was a great past week, and I am yet again very thankful for my family, and so appreciate everything that I have been given in life!  I can't say it has been easy, but it has all definitely been worth it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

1st day of Preschool..... Say WHAT????

So I have been a "little" :)  Behind on blogging.... when I first started in July I had decided I would try to keep up just by doing a post each week!  That way it wouldn't interfere with my time!  I didn't want to do one more thing that I felt I needed to keep up on.  But today as I was "catching up" on our important happenings the last couple of months I realized, just how blessed I am!  Our Family has grown so much in the last 4 years since Titan was born!  I am so thankful for eternal families and the knowledge that I have!  I can't wait for the what the future brings.

OH TITAN.... It was his first day of preschool on the 7th, and it was soooo hard for me!

Titan has 2 cousins that are in the SAME class as him,  and I was VERY fearful for his teacher, having these three little boys together.  But she did separate them!  And it has actually been very GREAT for Titan because he has opened up a bit more than normal, because he's usually pretty shy :).  

Titan . Cole . Jacob

On There first day of School they learned about Our Solar System!  He got to take a flashlight!  and He couldn't stop talking about all the planets!!  

The next week he was learning about the letter "A" and learning to CUT with scissors!  
He has truly Loved getting up each morning, getting himself dressed in his "school clothes"!  He has grown up!  and It just means that I am getting older :(  

Family Reunion..

Every year on Labor Day weekend, the Briggs Family has our reunion.  My mother-in-law has a theme that she throws together, (usually ALL OUT)  and we all have A LOT of fun together.
In the past years we've done themes like....  Hawaiian Lou a,  Pioneer with handcarts, Marti-gra, * Fear factor,
We this year it was Cave Man / Dinosaur.

We did many things.. the kids painted dinosaurs, we had a feast on sunday night, of Turkey Legs, and finger foods,  We did a "Bone Dig" where the kids dug up bones that she had previously buried!  The kids also got to find Dinosaur eggs...  plus the weekend was full of just family fun!  Playing cards games, great conversation around the camp fire, and of course a weekend full of great food!

Braden did not want to get all dressed up!!!!!  But he was an "OK" sport about it.

Our Titan was having a lot of fun!