Wednesday, July 28, 2010

** Bret Michaels Band**

So Last night we watched the Brett Michael's Band at the Civic in Idaho Falls, ...... Seriously it was awesome!  I fell in love with Mr. Michaels, after watching him week after week on the Celebrity Apprentice!  He is kind of a womanizer apparently but, I love his spunky & fresh style of life, and he is a darn good entertainer with an Awesome voice!!

I only wish I would have taken my good camera... instead of using my ipone :(  This is me and the Drummer!! He was soooo entertaining!!

We were so close the the stage.. on the 3rd row just behind the mosh pit!

Braden.. kind of cooperating for a photo!

Me* & Brenna*  my sister-in-law! Her husband Jim is an EMT, so they go to all the local events!  It was a pleasant surprise to see her there.  

I had to get a shot of one of these gals!!  I just walked up to her and asked to take her picture, and she said " Oh yeah go a head!"  then she posed for me...  (what a crazy chick).

Bret Michaels, Trailer :)

The LONG line to get in!!  Luckily we had Anthany... a good friend, on the inside saving us seats!!!

I had to put up a picture of my baby boy!! Cause I was really really not wanting to leave him even for just a few hours!!  But Bryken stayed with my sister-in-law Tammy, and he was super good!  He had never had formula before so I was a really nervous, but he did great and I was only gone for 5 hours!  And after it was all said and done I was seriously glad that Braden "MADE" me go :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Recap on the past year >

ok here's a recap of the past year up to today :)

This was Bridget & I in January..

My little future missionary :)

Braden is very brave & takes them grocery shopping with him!

We have a lot of happy mornings like this :)  just getting ready to leave the house 

So... this is in March Snow covering the ground, and of course, braden is taking the kids camping :)

Bridget even went for a little while...

I was pretty exhausted from what??  I just can't seem to remember, I think Braden had been sick
for quite awhile, I was just a little over whelmed and He sent me these beautiful flowers at work!

About 7 months pregnant.

In April braden & I got away on a little trip to SLC, to get my in-laws an antique door, 
for there living room remodel they were doing...  It was a great time!  we went to the Mayan (Soo fun to watch the divers), we took a tour of the conference center, (which braden had never done before)!  and we happened to be there when some of the military choir was singing in the tabernacle one night!  It was beautiful to listen to them sing patriotic songs!  We also did some shopping of course, and just got to spend some quality minutes together which these days seem to be few and far between!

I love waking up to this happy girl :)

My nephew Chance!  The kids love him and he is the greatest young man ever!  He's very helpful, and so giving of his time!  He will make an amazing father, and a great missionary :)

More camping... this was in April, so it was a little bit warmer but still very Cold temps over here in Idaho!!  She loved every minute of it!

I wish I had more pictures of our trip to watch Michael Buble in concert!! best concert I've been to in all my life!  He is amazing!  Braden had gotten me tickets for Christmas, and his mother and father went also!!  We ate at Tepanyaki before we went and I love that food!  

Of course I couldn't leave out something that apple accomplished this year :) HAHA
Braden's holding the IPAD .... 

And then in April  our Girl's Weekend with Mom, Jenn, Shawnie, Me & Angie... No kids and great company!  we went to Twin Falls ( a half way point between all of us girls),  we went shopping, ate great food, went and saw the Falls, which were beautiful!

Bridget in the month of May....

She is 18 months... thinks she is the mom of the world..... and Loving every minute of life!

Well except of course when she is told no :(

The newest addition of the Briggs Family! 
Born June 1, 2010 7lbs 1oz 19-1/2"  
Bryken Trak Briggs

Being named after two of his uncle's  Bryce & Kenley.. he's got some big shoe's to fill :)

Life with a new baby in the house has its luxuries!! not waking up super early so mom can go to work... well at least for the first couple of weeks :)

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Anderson in Challis.... 

Growing up already 6 weeks old :)

Bridget loves going to Brenna's house while momma is working!!!  Karlee ( one of her favorite cousin's is 15 years old, and she took this picture!)

All four of the kids!  Is anything more important than this??

So to sum it up.. .this year has gone by Super fast with lots of fun things going on!! 

from now on I am posting weekly... then I won't have to do recaps :)))

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Blog*

So, I have had many people tell me that I need to start a blog. My first reaction has always been..... "I don't have time." So I decided that I just need to stop making excuses cause lets face it, I can make time for pretty much anything! Besides I decided this would actually be a good way for me to compile all of our families activities, into one place, and use it as a journal to look back on later on in life. (Like when I can appreciate it when the kids are all grown up :)!
So here goes my first post EVER! Hope you all enjoy....