Thursday, October 7, 2010

We will Endure!

Today I felt like giving up!

I really truly didn't feel like I had anything left to give.

Giving my whole life is all that I know...

How can I take care of Everything!  I just felt so.... unfeeling.  If that is possible, Unfeeling is the way that I felt.

But.... Here I am,  Home from work, away from all the stress of live..

I have a refuge, I realized today that I do have a refuge!  I can walk into the front door of my Home, and the unfeeling person I was earlier,  now has feelings, I can breath again.

Well now that I am feeling again I was uploading pictures off  of my phone, of the events of the last couple of weeks!

And when I realize ALL of the GIVING that people have done for me, I realize that ..... Well...  I think I really truly take more than I give, and I think the word for that is, Selfishness,  I was so preoccupied will all of the things going on I didn't take a look back at ALL that people GIVE to me!  I was like a black Hole,  taking everything from people, and not giving anything Back really!  There are so many around me, who need help, who need comfort, and I am too busy pitying myself for what I give, that I don't even take the time to help others in need.  When others truly are taking time to give to me!

I am truly grateful for those wonderful people in my life, who teach me life lessons,  and Today I learned a Lesson!  Being Selfish is So not good for the soul!

Being a mom is hard work!  But I know without a doubt that my heavenly father has given me my children because they need me, and I need them!  I desire nothing more than to teach, nurture, love, and strengthen the testimony of my children, so that we can All make it back to our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ!  I want to Endure to the end, and that is what this earthly life is about.

I know that as long as we obey the lords commandments, and have faith,  That we will!