Monday, February 28, 2011

Choices Determine the outcome.

Life is all about choices!  We each make choices every single day.  Some are more pressing than others, but ultimately they lead to different outcomes.

I have contemplated my choices more carefully lately, mostly because I understand the consequences of my choices affecting other people.
My choices affect others, and in fact many times affect the outcome of others lives!

I am speaking primarily about my children.  As a mother, and as woman, I have a responsibility and a role.  My children are the choices, that have brought me the ABSOLUTE most JOY, I could ever, or would ever experience in life.  My purpose in life, is to give my children, the love, and time that they DESERVE.  I know that the world is full of turmoil, and evil.  Many women, and men are being taken captive by being passive, and having apathy for the ways of the world.

But I just want to say with unbridled passion that I know my role.  I am truly grateful for it.

My children have been placed in my  home, where I need to love them, teach them, and protect them!  spending time with my children is the most important thing that I can do as a mother!

The choices I made in the past were all based in selfishness of what will make ME happy.  As a adolescent, I didn't care wether my choices affected others, because I was very selfish!  I was also very blinded to the truth.  I had not search the scriptures for truth.  I had not applied my life with the true course that it should have taken.

So today I will do better.  I will align my choices with what I know will ultimately bring me the greatest True Joy and happiness.  Which is not of the world.

I feel as though I need to stand up for what I believe.  In our world today, too many women are choosing the way of the world.  It breaks my heart to see the needs of children not being taken into consideration.  I am not perfect and I don't have the capability to be perfect.  I am certainly not the perfect mother either.  My children can attest to that.  But I do care that my choices, affect them.  I also care that they know that I believe in them, and that they are truly what bring me joy.  Of which I could never have known if not for them.

The best choice I have made in my entire life was made recently when I decided to stay home with my children instead of working.  To be able to teach, them and nurture them in my home.  I only wish I had come to this conclusion earlier.  But sooner is better than later.

I hope that I will be able to make better choices in my life, and realize that free agency is a gift, that I should consider each time I make a choice good or bad.

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